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(限量)蝴蝶酥 Palmier Cookies (Limited Qty)

Regular price RM20.80 MYR

- 以天然法国顶级黄油与小麦粉,经多次手工折叠,展现层次分明,让口感香脆酥松,散发出黄油的浓醇乳香,加上细沙糖与杏仁颗粒把其独特糕点加上点缀。

- 8pc

- made from French butter, flour, sugar, almond 

- *** Each unit of Palmier Cookies might varied in size as a result of room moisture and temperature which we are facing difficulties controlling as we are not making it in a controlled chilled room like in the big factory, and it is handmade so our hand heat might also cause the layers of dough to melt too so causing the reduction in expansion during baking, please understand on this matter that it will varied size. Thanks 😉

- PARCEL WEIGHT ESTIMATOR: 500g (not product net weight)